Elevating expectations for all kids

About Us

Climb Higher Colorado (CHC) is a statewide initiative comprised of top tier advocacy organizations like Colorado Children’s Campaign, Colorado Succeeds, Rose Community Foundation, Padres Unidos, Together Colorado and Stand for Children Colorado. There is broad based and bipartisan support for the higher expectations reflected in the Colorado Academic Standards (which include the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and mathematics). CHC works to strengthen that support even though we might see a temporary drop in scores as students and teachers adjust to higher standards and aligned tests. Because it is important to help people understand the context of new score results. Student performance is not lower, the standards are higher. Every child deserves the benefit of high expectations. These new standards, and aligned assessments, will ensure that every student stays on track from the time they start school to the time they graduate high school ready to enter college or start their career.

Partner Organizations

  • Colorado Children's Campaign
  • Rose Community Foundation
  • Stand for Children Colorado Logo
  • Colorado Succeeds
  • Padres & Jovenes Unidos
  • Together Colorado
  • Young Aspiring Americans for Social & Political Activism (YAASPA)
  • Urban League of Metropolitan Denver