Elevating expectations for all kids


“Statewide Testing in Colorado: Where it came from and why it matters” (January 2017)- developed in collaboration with our partners at the Colorado Children’s Campaign and Stand for Children Colorado, this white paper provides background on the history and purpose of Colorado’s statewide assessment system, its impact on various stakeholders, challenges with our existing system and some of the recent data collected as a result of our statewide test. Read the full report here or view the executive summary.

The report aims to answer many common questions about statewide summative assessments, including:

  • What purpose do summative (end-of-year) assessments serve? How do they differ from diagnostic and formative tests given throughout the school year?
  • Why is it important for all public school students throughout Colorado to take the same annual assessment?
  • How did Colorado develop the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS), the current statewide standardized assessment system?
  • What can different stakeholders—students and families, educators, schools and districts, and policymakers—learn from statewide tests about how students are doing compared to peers across the state?