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Resources for Parents


New! Readiness Roadmap – A new survey by Learning Heroes asked parents to share their hopes, expectations and concerns when it comes to raising their kids. The findings? Being a parent comes with big dreams and common concerns. Check out the Readiness Roadmap for top-notch resources designed to support parents based on their top priorities.

How is My Kid Doing – How are parents around the country talking about the value of knowing how their kids are doing? Hear their candid, unscripted responses and join the conversation.

CDE Back-to-School Guides Parent-friendly explanations of the Colorado Academic Standards and what your child will be learning this year in each subject and grade level.

Council of the Great City Schools Parent Roadmaps- Provide guidance to parents about the Common Core Standards.

Get to the Core Stand for Children’s website to equip parents and educators with knowledge about the Common Core.
Also available in Spanish

The Honesty Gap Many states have an “honesty gap” between the information available to parents and how students are actually performing. The good news is that most states have been working to eliminate the honesty gap. Find out what the gap looks like in your state.

National PTA Parent Guides for student success provided by National PTA.

CHC’s Standards & Assessments PowerPoint In-depth presentation intended to inform parents, educators and decision makers about the history, background and changes to standards and assessments in Colorado. Feel free to use, redistribute and tailor to your local needs.


Eight Facts about Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) – This resource explains why it’s important to have aligned tests like CMAS and gives helpful resources for understanding PARCC math and literacy score reports.

Talking with Your Child About PARCC Score Reports- Tips on how to address your child’s PARCC score reports and helpful resources on how you can help at home.

Understanding PARCC Scores – GreatKids has a tool where you can plug in your child’s test results to better understand what they mean and get tips on how to support at home.

CDE’s Parent and Family Resources Looking for information about the new state tests in Colorado? For information about a school or school district? For achievement results or homework help? The resources listed here are selected to assist parents and students in their school-related needs.

Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS): Learn about changes to testing for Spring 2016.
Also available in Spanish

Data Privacy and Security Learn about how the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act establishes baseline parameters for what is permissible when sharing student information. The Colorado Department of Education uses additional guidelines and strict processes to protect the privacy of every student.

PARCC Practice Tests Help your child prepare for the PARCC tests in English Language Arts and Math.

Understanding your Child’s Test Results Find examples and explanations of the PARCC score reports and resources to support students at home.

Parent Resources – PARCC Score Report Great resources for understanding the PARCC score reports and how to help at home.

Supporting Learning at Home

Be A Learning Hero Great tips for parents and free online learning tools to search for resources by grade, subject and PARCC score results to match your child’s needs. Also available in Spanish

Common Core for Parents Access Scholastic’s parent materials to help students become college-and career-ready while keeping the joy in learning.

Dreambox Learning An engaging, individualized K-5 math program aligned to the Common Core Standards for parents to track their student’s growth.

Great Schools! Great Kids! Features videos to see what your child should be able to demonstrate by the end of the year, links for homework help and fun family activities to reinforce learning.

Military Child Education Coalition The role of the MCEC is to help families, schools, and communities become better prepared to support military-connected children throughout their academic careers.

Raise the Bar Parents Free parent and student accounts to learn how your child is doing in math and ELA, and what you can do to help.

Univision Contigo Clave El Exito Resources and tips for Spanish-speaking parents on how to help their student with math and language arts at home and what to expect for the new school year.

Parent Backpacks: Changes to expect in your student’s classroom and homework & questions to ask your student.